This is a topic that people think they know . . . until they have to actually put it into practice.

As an introduction, the “dot-dot-dot” (. . .) is known as an ellipsis. It is used primarily . . .

  1. to omit certain words or phrases from a quotation or citation
  2. to indicate a pause or break in the writer’s train of thought 👩‍💻💭

If you are using the ellipsis to omit words from the original sentence, make sure that you don’t change the meaning of the original sentence. For example,

In the following, we can see that in the correct usage, the original meaning of the sentence remains intact, whereas in the incorrect usage, the original meaning has warped into something sinister and pervy.

When it comes to using an ellipsis to indicate a pause or break in the writer’s thought, just don’t overdo it:

Extra facts:

  • The plural of “ellipsis” is ellipses.
  • If an ellipsis ends a sentence, you put an extra period at the end, i.e., four periods.