Last time, we provided practical words to learn from Elite Educational Institute’s vocabulary flash cards. This time, we want to highlight practical words from Merriam-Webster’s Word of the Day series. Although many of their words are either rare or archaic (e.g., catercorner), just as many are useful for test prep and advanced writing.

💁🏻 You’re probably going to ask for it, so here are example sentences for each word:

  • The student’s incoherent speech earned low scores during the competition.
  • The esteemed economist’s every statement was given oracular significance. 🔮
  • The king 🤴🏻 suddenly announced that he would abdicate and called for a special election to choose his successor.
  • The newspaper’s unabashed support of the president’s racist policies outraged many readers. 📰😠
  • Aluminum is the second most malleable metal.
  • The comedian’s acerbic wit makes his political satire particularly effective.