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Anonymous asked:
Hi! What's up with more fun and most fun vs. funner and funnest?

If you’re talking about “fun” as a noun, then it’s definitely “more fun” and “most fun,” e.g., I have more fun watching paint dry than memorizing vocabulary words.

If you’re talking about “fun” as an adjective, the answer is “funner" and "funnest”:


However, many grammarians and dictionaries point out that “fun” should used only as a noun in formal writing. Therefore, “funner" and "funnest" would be inappropriate. Here is the traditional explanation:


Since there are numerous words that mean “fun” (as an adjective), e.g., amusing, entertaining, use them instead in formal writing:

  • The book is more entertaining than the movie.
  • Your excuse is the most amusing thing I’ve heard all day.

Have “fun”!


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