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"Grammar Mixtape: (Better) Grammar in 60 Minutes, Vol. 1"

"Grammar Mixtape: (Better) Grammar in 60 Minutes, Vol. 1"

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The YUNiversity, the lovable team behind one of the most popular educational accounts on Twitter and Tumblr, has released their first grammar guide. πŸ™ŒπŸ»

Famous for their fun, positive, and down-to-earth approach to sharing tips about grammar, writing, vocabulary, test prep, and studying, The YUNiversity covers 21 of the most important topics in English in their first foray into producing a grammar guide. 

Composed with the same wit, positivity, and accessibility that have made so many of their tweets and Tumblr posts go viral, Grammar in 60 Minutes, Volume 1 simplifies convoluted grammar rules and clarifies tricky homophones that can confuse even the best of usβ€”all without being Grammar Nazis.

Intended to be as entertaining as educational, The YUNiversity's digital print debut packs practical tips and easy-to-understand examples that will make mastering each topic a breeze. So whether you’re a YUNicorn, or if you just want to improve your understanding of English grammar, this guide is perfect for you.