The YUNiversity

Our Vision



We write, tweet, and post about grammar and vocabulary in a concise, fun, and simple manner. It means that you won’t have to trudge through a 30-minute article to learn something that could have just as easily been explained in two minutes. It means that pedantry and formality will always take a back seat to humor and pop culture references, because let’s face it: talking about music, comic books, video games, K-pop idols, and anime is a lot more relaxing (and conducive to learning) than dusting off monocles 🧐 and holding a séance for William Strunk, Jr. and E.B. White while sipping on brandy.

Our belief is that learning doesn’t have to be overly formal, complete with a proper cup of tea and a classical-music soundtrack—unless that happens to be your thing. (In that case, you do you!) As you’ll see, we value experiences. Nothing compares to an eye-opening realization upon learning something new, or a much-needed chuckle from a cute or funny GIF after a brutal day at school or work.

That is precisely what we strive for: learning while having fun. Sometimes, our content is more entertaining than educational. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

This site will feel random at first. But that’s OK. If you can endure it, you will become one of legions of loyal and supportive YUNicorns (our fandom) 🦄 who make our online lives so enjoyable. So nod along to our articles, retweet and reblog us, or simply let everything soak in with coffee mug in hand. Enjoy the experience as much as we do. 🙌🏻